Logo Istanbul

Logo Istanbul

Logo Istanbul was established through the partnership of Logo Group and Dogan Optik and entered into the optics sector in 2009. Established in Morez, France in 1896, Logo Group started manufacturing eyeglasses for high-end market and it today enjoys a worldwide network of sales and marketing together with its partners.

The precious eyeglasses, which are manufactured in Jura - Morez, a traditionally famous hub for eyeglasses manufacturing, are designed in harmony with the imagination of their designers and spirit of the brands and manifests impeccable quality and the outcome of a century-old know-how manufacturing technique. The manufacturing of high-end quality eyeglasses of modern, elegant and avant-garde style, R&D activities and commitment to always manufacture the best pieces and brands within its portfolio such as Tag Heuer and Fred render the brands of Logo Group worthy at all times.

While Logo Group invests in research and development, it also values traditional expertise. The company was deemed worthy of numerous awards as it presents performance and perfection together through the use of advanced technology and the development of innovative materials.

TAG Heuer was awarded with SILMO d'Or in 2001 in the category of Frame Technological Innovation thanks to the earpieces with swivel hinge used in the model entitled 27°.

TAG Heuer won yet another SILMO d'Or in 2004 in the category of Sports Equipment with the model entitled Panorama which offers a 180° field-of-view and its mask structure containing two object-glasses.

TAG Heuer C-Flex was manufactured with fiber glass and designed for flexible, hingeless and light performance. The Model won SILMO d'Or in 2008 in the category of Frame Technological Innovation.

TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision Goggles is the first ophthalmic mask in the category of night vision. Its light yellow and hyper-durable glass provided an optics improvement for night myopy. Squadra Night Vision Goggles was awarded with Red Dot Design award in 2010 with its Avant-Garde design, visual acuity, substantial decrease in the perception of contrast at night time.

TAG Heuer Automatic series, truly technological eyeglasses, was deemed worthy of award in 2010 with its automatic magnetic hinge design.

TAG Heuer L-Type LW Model, which gracefully balanced between elegance and performance and which combined the aesthetics of leather with elastomer's comfort, was awarded with Red Dot Design Award in 2011.