Dogan Optik

Dogan Optik

Dogan Optik presents many imported and specially manufactured eyeglasses brands to the final consumer by means of retail stores in Turkish market and distributorships around the world.

Growing steadily every year with the help of its specialist staff and high-quality service manner, our company, which started its business with the import of just two brands, is now one of the leading actors within Turkish optics sector with a portfolio containing many a world-famous brand.

Innovation, with its increase in significance day by day, constitutes the fundamental motor drive between the diversification and growth of our brand portfolio.

Our company collaberates with the leading eyeglasses manufacturers all over the world rendering its brands special through blending fashion with quality.

What makes us special is;

  • Rigour with regard to business,
  • Design,
  • Investment in research and development to expand our product range,
  • Manufacturing at the right place, and
  • The combination of perfection and prestige.