Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer created its first eyeglasses collection in 2002 in collaboration with the French Logo Group and was awarded many times. The brand introduced world's first panoramic corrective eyeglasses in 2004.

TAG Heuer is very pleasing on the eye with its unique style and provides extra comfortable use and ease of movement for the user by means of the use of elastomer, a substance which is used in the tyres of Formula 1 cars and which is very flexible and durable. The special collection includes materials coated with alligator skin, patent leather, porous cowskin, phyton skin, platinum and ceramic.

TAG Heuer's high-performance frameless glass models are distinguished in professional and personal use. The models are so light that it is hard to feel wearing them.

Thanks to the adjustable earpieces, invisible screws, panoramic view, replacable glasses and ergonomic features, it is always distinguished from the rest of the brands. It has an ergonomic, comfortable, light, innovative, infinite, noble and very valuable style.

The brand value is boosted by pioneering innovation, unique elegance, courageous and perfect lines, reliable performance, high-end materials and excellent criteria based on luxury and quality as well as the search for perfection at all times.

In addition to being the most luxurious brand reflecting the spirit of sports, it is also a champion of patenting with the new technologies it develops.

TAG Heuer manufactures glasses and frames which are aesthetic and functional at the same time. With high quality lenses, the best plain view can be ensured in just every environment. The daylight glasses are specially fabricated by Bnl Essilor for TAG Heuer. They are the best daylight glasses in the world.

It is the only brand which complies with motor races, aqua sports, extreme sports and all the professional sports branches.

TAG Heuer promises prestige, performance and infinite design.