Kenzo was established by Kenzo Takada in 1970. In 2011, the art directors Humberto Leon, Carol Lim and Newyork City ceremonies added a creative touch to Kenzo, contributing greatly to the innovative approach.

The objective is to establish Kenzo as a contemporary brand in accordance with the needs of the new generation customers.

Kenzo designs Optical and Sunglasses collections in a free, colourful, original, fashionable and multicultural way, defining the products with various epithets.

The eyeglasses are manufactured with the know-how technique of century-old eyeglasses manufacturer L'amy and by using the special pattern and high quality materials from Mezzucchelli and appeal to free-spirited, colourful and multicultural people between the ages of 25-50. As of 2012, the brand attained a rapid advance. The metal pieces and the flower-patterned design in the earpieces are inspired by Kenzo's jewellery and Kenzo's ready-made clothes, respectively.