FRED SAMUEL was born in 1908 to a jewelry maker family. He was able to reflect his personal elegance to the jewelleries and became a symbol of luxury for French in fashion for 75 years.

In 1936, he opened his first shop in Paris, becoming one of the champions of the sector. He created magnificent collections which attracted the attention of world-famous people.

"Fred", which entered the eyeglasses sector in 1988, strings along with contemporary style, with its impeccable and modern touches. The collections (such as Pearls, Move, Force10, Pretty Woman) are prepared with an inspiration from the jewelleries. Striking combinations including the harmony of steel and metals in Force10 and the harmony of gold and precious metals in Havai and Jamaique models still cherishes the memory of Fred Samuel.

Fred's fundamental strength lays in the fact that it is a brand focused on permanent and loyal customers which enjoys worldwide reputation and has a distribution network in 55 countries.

The secret to Fred's success is that the frames are manufactured by hand by eyeglasses craftsmen, during which the frame is processed for 274 times. Each product has a unique serial number which is carefully imprinted on the earpiece of eyeglasses.

The special hidden nylon discs in the hinges prevent loosing on earpieces and screws. Specially designed screws, high-end plates and earpieces, anti-reflective coated 3 mm glasses, powerful aesthetic connection between screws and glasses always ensure a rich and elegant look.

During the manufacturing, precious coatings made of Gold, Platinum and Palladium and precious stones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, jacinth, pearl, amethyst and quartz are used. The stones are carefully attached to the frame by the craftsmen in the jewelry workshop.